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  1. Good Morning,
    My name is Carmen Byars. I had my 2013 GMC Terrain washed Wednesday Aug. 16, 2017 at 4:23 PM (Sale #22158833021) at the Sparkle Brite Car Wash on Pamela Rae Drive. After the car wash, I went straight home and it was then that I realized my back up camera was no longer working. Prior to getting my car washed I was at Costco to get gas and then I went across the street to Walgreens. When I left Walgreens my back up camera was working. I came straight to the Car Wash from Walgreens. I can only conclude that something happened while the car was being washed or vacuumed that caused my back up camera to cease from working. I called the Car Wash at 5:45 (approx. 45 min after I arrived home and tried to troubleshoot) but did not realized they closed at 5:30. I left a voice mail message. No one returned my call. I called again after work the following day (Thursday 8/17) at 5:15 but no one answered. I thought I would try to email since it's not always easy for me to call during the day due to work obligations. I need to know what to do from. I appreciate your attention and prompt response to this matter.

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  3. Worker at the entry of car wash put 2 deep scratches in the hood of my car with the hand wand. I wanted no compensation. Only wanted to inform the owner what his employee did. No one would step forward as a manager or owner that I could report to. Awful management.