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  2. This business DOES NOT care about your safety! They continue to operate during the governor mandated closure of non life-sustaining businesses. They keep attempting to find a loophole to get around it. They care more about the owners' bank account than they do about the safety of their employees and families, customers and families and the Metro Louisville area at large. Remember, since they have been ordered to close and you get the virus through them since they ILLEGALLY remain open, you can SUE THEM FOR EVERY SINGLE ASSET THEY HAVE. Let's teach Sparkle Brite and Kyle Johnson what it's like to not play on Team Kentucky when a dangeorus situation like this arises. Let's close his doors for him, THROUGH BANKRUPTCY! Find a business that is concerned for your safety, not a moron that is worried over money. That's the whole damn world right now. I guess he believes he's more special than the rest of us. SINK HIM FINANCIALLY.